Welcome to Data-Clear. Our Digital Marketing campaigns succeed with smarter lists.

Smart lists drive your message to the audience you want to reach. Are your lists high-quality? Do you reach your targets? We can help.

Featured Services

Data Hygiene

Adopt good data hygiene. We can maintain your database with the most up-to-date records. Clean records build stronger, more reliable communications. Work with us to find and validate email addresses and we'll strengthen your Digital Marketing.

Data Updates

Purchase, rent or update existing records to supplement your core audience using quality data from our email append services. Bring your own postal or voter file, and we will match it against reputable national data bases.

Email Broadcasting

We help your email campaigns land in the inboxes of your target audience with our state-of-the-art outbound messaging platform. Use our A/B testing to get the highest open rate possible.

Specialty Lists

We maintain a rich resource of demographic files to reach many segments of your audience -- such as filters for ethnicity, vet-status, profession and more. Expand your digital marketing reach today with a boost from our data lists.