clean-data-thumbnailData Cleansing

Did you know industry estimates that between one and three percent of client data will grow old within a month?  When you establish procedures to remove failed and inaccurate email addresses, you maintain a positive ‘IP sending’ reputation, plus your emails arrive into in-boxes.

 Email Append

Email addresses are valuable if they offer an accurate channel of communication that can be used frequently.  We can validate your records and improve connectivity with telephones, postal addresses, social media, or other consumer and business enhancements.

 Email Broadcasting 

A key cost-effective and affordable aspect to any marketing campaign is the use of successful outbound email broadcasting.  We offer a one-time only small sample trial to determine if our Email Service Provider (ESP) capabilities match your existing needs.


Specialty Lists

When you match records used in your Digital Marketing campaign with smart audience segmentation you zero in on the audience segment by designing a well-crafted message.
Let us help you cull the audience you desire tailoring smarter data.



Digital Banner Ads – Reach your targeted audience by getting data onboard. Link your contacts to social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for expanded outreach.
Connect with a specific audience while increasing awareness and activation.

 For the Government

Federal government agencies are constantly seeking greater efficiencies and identifying problem-solving IT solutions with internal and external customers.  At Data-Clear, our proven expertise in the marketplace of managing data and Digital Marketing will allow us to tailor our solutions to your precise requirements.