Data Mining

Email addresses are valuable if they offer an accurate channel of communication that can be used frequently.

We can validate your records and improve connectivity with telephones, postal addresses, social media or other consumer and business enhancements.

Update old lists to determine active or failed status without sending an email message.

Part of our primary focus is to update current business and consumer email addresses to your contact data base. Email addresses are matched to reputable consumer database of active consumer email addresses as well as sources to identify active, failed or status is unknown.

We can identify and eliminate spam traps and problematic email addresses. This is a critical step: a pixel might be deliverable — but deliverable to a trap.

All opt out records are flagged accordingly and records are coded. Some records can be submitted for email append process if requested by customer to locate and replace alternate email addresses where available.

Using a name and postal address, we can locate and append a matching email address that the individual has given permission to receive third-party messages. This can be done at the individual level where first name/last name/address are matched or at the household level where last name/address are matched to locate someone in the household. A permission pass message will be deployed to all matches and only deliverable, non-opted out emails will be added to client’s original file, along with match level indicator. Real time email mailbox verification can significantly improve the ability to deliver the email and protect a client’s outbound sender reputation.

When you personalize or add direct mail information to your email campaigns, it can increase response rate by thirty percent. Boost conversion rates by communicating directly with the reader.

Email addresses are valuable if they offer an accurate channel of communication that can be used frequently. We can validate your records and improve them with telephones, postal addresses, social media, or other consumer and business enhancements.

Other Append Services

Reconnecting with contacts through landline or cell phone is cost effective and affordable with our high match rate solutions. Based on FTP industry best practices, phone appends will require clients to sign terms of usage agreement for TCPA policies and compliance.

Get social media contact information from Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Get to know more about the contact’s affiliations or chat handles.

Add name and postal address to phones in a database to improve quality communications. Increase lead quality and boost marketing efforts.

Add demographic and lifestyle information such as date of birth, presence of children, marital status, homeowner, education level, gender, household income, and more.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and timely marketing solutions available.

Add business information such as contact name, title, employee size, total sales volume, SIC and NAICS codes. Can increase your marketing power, micro target and identify businesses who fit your profile, manage your time effectively to market an ideal audience profile.

Helps a client to identify any weaknesses in your data and collection. Client can set up repeatable processes to maintain a high level of quality data over time.

Checks postal address at point of entry to correct transposed numbers, misspelled street names or missing contact information. We provide regular updates to National Change of Address, remove deceased contacts and update add New Movers.

By successfully postal delivery with updated name and address, monies are not wasted on inefficiencies, time management is drastically improved, and ROI is significantly increased. With clear correct data, you can have the intelligence to improve sales, marketing, and reaching successfully to the reader. By sending postal delivery with updated names and addresses, clients can optimize outreach to their target audience.

Updated Business to Business Lists

Updated Business to Consumer Lists